Wed July 29, 8:14:50pm

MINDanon: u mad

Thu July 30, 2:48:44am

Ii1l: Kungflucious says be calm as water

Thu July 30, 9:27:33am

fren5: poop

Thu July 30, 2:19:36pm

MINDanon: 420 m i rite

Thu July 30, 2:19:38pm

MINDanon: 4:20

Thu July 30, 2:19:53pm

MINDanon: sry wrong ch@

Sat Aug 1, 11:06:49pm

aliemsx: @MINDanon shoo!

Sun Aug 2, 12:19:14am

MINDanon: @aliemsx no u

Sun Aug 2, 3:38:16am

fren5: poop

Mon Aug 3, 12:21:27am

anoymous01: yo

Mon Aug 3, 12:26:11am

anon8009: @anoymous01

Mon Aug 3, 12:26:36am

braydentoombs: @anoymous01

Mon Aug 3, 12:42:24am

braydentoombs: @anoymous01 ill tell jg to post his question here for you to see tomorrow night

Mon Aug 3, 12:43:10am

anoymous01: @braydentoombs

Mon Aug 3, 12:43:23am

braydentoombs: ^

Mon Aug 3, 12:43:33am

anoymous01: sup bro

Mon Aug 3, 12:44:12am

braydentoombs: nothin man outta weed 2 days gettin back in the groove

Mon Aug 3, 12:44:20am

braydentoombs: sup with you

Mon Aug 3, 12:44:23am

braydentoombs: watchin madea?

Mon Aug 3, 12:44:25am

anoymous01: not mich bro

Mon Aug 3, 12:44:27am

anoymous01: much

Mon Aug 3, 12:44:29am

anoymous01: yeah

Tue Aug 4, 4:18:08am

braydentoombs: @aliemsx

Tue Aug 4, 4:18:19am

braydentoombs: @alimes

Tue Aug 4, 9:55:57am

Ii1l: Gay

Tue Aug 4, 9:56:10am

Ii1l: @anoymous01 dis pp

Tue Aug 4, 9:51:04pm

braydentoombs: @aliemsx @alimes

Tue Aug 4, 9:59:08pm

mithrandir420: fu bray

Tue Aug 4, 9:59:11pm

mithrandir420: hahaha

Wed Aug 5, 5:50:05am

Ii1l: Hi

Wed Aug 5, 5:50:16am

Ii1l: My penis is a tool of ass destruction

Fri Aug 7, 8:10:54pm

warontv: Hi

Fri Aug 7, 8:11:05pm

warontv: @MINDanon

Fri Aug 7, 8:38:44pm

MINDanon: @warontv u mad

Tue Aug 11, 10:15:00am

braydentoombs: test

Thu Aug 13, 12:28:34am

braydentoombs: @jejfarmer @jewishgoyim wake up

Tue Aug 18, 12:07:07am

Wed Aug 26, 9:36:06am

fren5: poop

Tue Sep 1, 4:37:25pm

fren5: crap

Fri Sep 4, 8:32:12pm